error 0xc0000142

Confused? Me too. You can see the file name, error code, but you have no idea what to do or who is guilty. From the error message you may suppose this application didn't started properly by some unknown reason. After unsuccessful digging a lot of specialized forums you begin to understand that some library (.dll) required by 'illness' file can't be loaded. But which one? You have to list all required libraries and check that all of them are present on your hard drive. And although there are some good and almost free utilites to view the file import table exists, but most users has been scared by surrounding incomprehensible digits and abbreviations like 'RVA' and already run away in panic to reinstall Windows. To whom, who remained, I will tell more now.

Of course, I don't call on to find some utilites which able to show us all required DLL, write their names in the copybook and then search each one somewhere in the system folders for be sure in their availability. Even though there is only 19 libraries in the explorer.exe import table on my PC, this investigation may last for a long time (my own first time research lasted over 4 hours). But if you guess that all processes can load any library dinamically (by calling LoadLibrary function) you start suspecting almost the entire contents of your PC.

To watch process loading I had to create the simple Watcher who can run selected program (through the 'File' menu item) and capture all more or less important events occured while it works: threads creation and termination, loading and unloading libraries, raised exceptions. All events will be detailed in the text file and then the loading tree and library information table will be shown in the main Watcher window.


Text log file will be created in the program folder and opened via Notepad instantly. You can analyze it on one's own hook to seek any errors or send it to my email address Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript , I'll prompt about what to do.

PS If the error message jumps out during Windows launching and therefore you can't run my utility as usual I can offer a small trick: boot from LiveCD and prescribe it in the system registry key winlogon/shell. After restarting it should load instead of explorer.exe. Course, you should return explorer.exe in its place in the registry after all. To whom, who didn't understand me, do not undertake anything by yourself.

It's important!

  • The Watcher should be run as Administrator! In other case the warning window will be shown about the probably incorrect work 
  • In the program versions created after 10.12.2012 there is no need in Visual Studio C++ Redistributable Package having on your PC, but the executable file has became slightly heavier 
  • The utility doesn't make any changes on the hard drive or the system registry and, of course, does not contain a malicious code
  • If "I have launched the file, log opens, but I still understand nothing!", you may send this log file to my email address Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript . We will puzzle out together 
  • More complex and professional utility to diagnose from whence the problem 0xC0000142 occurred is called 'Dependency Walker' but to use it you should have some knowledges in the system programming area 

Direct link for downloading (only Russian version yet, but work is in progress)

binary x32 (version from 04/19/2013)
binary x64 for the 64-bit operating systems (version from 04/19/2013)

If you have some troubles with russian text understanding just send log file to me with a small comment about it

Known issues

  • The Sims 3. The program falls with the 0xC0000142 error because of invalid DirectX installation into the game folder The Sims 3\Game\Bin. Log file analyze shows the problem in d3dx9_31.dll which size was 73K only. This error was fixed after reinstalling DirectX from the official website
  • LogonUI.exe. The program falls with the 0xC0000142 error and Windows doesn't start. In this case analyze showed that as a result of intervention of the 3rd party utility for Windows embellishment the file LogonUI.exe was damaged. This error was fixed after replacing damaged file from a Windows bootable disk (LiveCD) 
  • While Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2011 is installed on PC, its library mzvkbd3.dll injects in any loading process and the process terminates with the 0xC0000142 error as result. If this library loading was showed in the log file then, first of all, to fix error you ought to try to uninstall this antivirus or update it to version of 2012. The error 0xC0000142 disappearence was confirmed for programs 'The Witcher 2' and 'StairCon'. 
  • In the operating system Windows XP the 0xC0000142 error may occurs while some console utilites like cmd.exe or ping.exe are trying to run. To fix this error Microsoft corporation released an update KB950312. This problem solved by the file Winsrv.dll replacement. 
  • The error 0xC0000142 may occur when patched libraries breaking the license agreement of the original program are used. For example, the broken game FAR CRY 3 fails to start under Windows XP because of crack developers didn't think about incompability of this operating system and DirectX 11. Also any game which used steam_api.dll may fall because of supposititious file without the Valve corporation copyright. At all, if any loaded patch from SKIDROW was seen in the log file then you may ask them about the reason of raising the 0xC0000142 error 
  • PCTools Firewall spreads its own library pctESPHooking32.dll in all directions. The problem was detected while 'ImgBurn' was started and successfully resolved after the uninstallation of this firewall. 
  • The 0xC0000142 error raised by the library BrowserProtect.dll which jointly with its process BrowserProtect.exe is loading automatically when operating system starts and doing some weird things as blocking the changes of the browser options and start page. The library loads via AppInit_DLLs, therefore it gets control when any program on your PC is starting. Moreover the process is very cared about its safety and even register itself in the Task Scheduler! It lives at very strange address like C:\ProgramData\BrowserProtect\2.6.1125.80\{c16c1ccb-7046-4e5c-a2f3-533ad2fec8e8}

The Witcher 2

There is able to write a report about it and speak at the symposium. Detected problems are:

  • The program raised the 0xC0000142 error after loading the kloehk.dll or mzvkbd3.dll libraries belonged to Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 (as well as Kaspersky Anti-Virus). The error was fixed after KIS (KAV) updated to 2012 version 
  • Another reason of the error 0xC0000142 occurence is in the Microsoft .Net Framework package. To fix this error you should (re)install this one
  • datamngrUI.exe, usually localed in the forlder C:\Program Files\Searchqu Toolbar\Datamngr, is meddled into the normal flow of work the process. It injects its libraries, datamngr.dll and IEBHO.dll, going mad the Witcher’s brain. As Mr. Googling says, the process makes some wicked things like forcibly changes the browsers start page and puts its panels in IE (as Browser Helper Objects) and Firefox. So, obviously it should be terminated in place along with its band. After clearing the game should run easy
  • The library appinit_dll.dll from Lucidlogix Inc. company is interfered into the process loading. The problem should be solved after the uninstallation of all the programs located at %PROGRAMFILES%\Lucidlogix Technologies 
  • The Witcher don’t want to run after detection the library r3god.dll belonged to the remote amdinistration toolkit (i.e. spyware) - Remote Administrator also known as RAdmin. To kill both hares, error 0xC0000142 and RAdmin, you have to find the way of this library intruding to the system. If RAdmin was installed legally then uninstall it. In my case I’ve found the r3god.dll library loading via AppInit_DLLs in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows registry key 
  • The process falled with an 0xC0000142 error if the acaptuser32.dll library from the Adobe Acrobat’s plugin Capture 3D is installed. Usually this library located at the system folder. Accordingly to fix the error 0xC0000142 there will be enough to switch off this plugin or just rename this library (but I would not recommend to do it avoiding another errors occuring) 

The 0xC0000142 error during the switch off (or restarting)

If the 0xC0000142 error occurs only with shutting down (or restarting) PC in processes like cmd.exe then the one who runs using cmd.exe at the operation system loading is guilty, and not the cmd.exe itself. For example, the Thing named "AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding device initialization" belonged to the videocard drivers package AMD Catalyst has the executable file name like kdbsync.exe and wherein lays in the autostart as:

cmd.exe /c start "AMD Accelerated Video Transcoding device initialization" /min "C:\Program Files (x86)\AMD AVT\bin\kdbsync.exe" aml

In this case the process kdbsync.exe should be checked for errors instead of cmd.exe. Although in this instance this process autorun may be simply switched off in the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run (look for AMD AVT parameter name)

The 0xC0000142 error in the cmd.exe process

If the cmd.exe process falls on the rise but there is only ntdll.dll, kernel32.dll and kernelbase.dll loading catched by the Watcher in its log file then you should check availability the msvcrt.dll library in the system folder (C:\Windows\System32) as well as its version number and file size.

The application failed to initialize properly with 0xC0000135 error

If the process terminated with the 0xC0000135 exit code then the .NET Framework should be installed to fix the reason of this error.

The application failed to initialize properly with 0xC000001D error

Before the process termination the exception 0xC000001D may occur. This exception means that the processor tried to execute an unknown instruction (STATUS_ILLEGAL_INSTRUCTION). Usually this error caused by a problem with the SSE2 instruction set is not supported by your processor. Error is treated by replacing the microprocessor or by using another version of this program (compiled without SSE2 support).